Monday, September 28, 2015

Do the agents of shield actually exist? According to the legend of Timothy McVeigh the answer is no.  Unfortunately, Shield's counterparts "Hydra" are alive and control the US government.  Tim was sentenced to death by lethal injection by the US government in 2001.  He was the poster boy for the OKC bombing which collapsed a government building murdering close to a hundred people.  However, there is video evidence of his person outside a McDonald's just minutes before the explosion.  Additionally the "Ryder" truck company has no records of Tim ever renting a single truck.  Ryder is a service company that owned the truck used to shield over 600 pounds of high-tech uranium. So what does this mean?

The government pinned the bombing on Tim even before it happened because of his involvement in a public strike against the government for freedom of religion and right to bear arms.  What a convinence: it was easy to show motive for the 1995 bombing that occurred 2 years after the 1993 protests.  So what?

This twisted part is that Tim volunteered his life to the government.  He plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit in hopes of exposing just the tip of the iceberg to a plot which aims to destroy society.  Society will view him as a murderer who killed over 80 people out of pure hatred.


Expect Phil Coulston's alien blood to play a huge factor throughout this season.  Also play close attention to clues and cues to Captain America 3: Civil War; especially towards the second half of the season.